July 21, 2020


Capfield has begun construction of Tallinn’s first drive-thru KFC. The restaurant will be located in front of Lasnamäe Prisma hypermarket and will be open 24/7.

The new drive-thru KFC will be located off the junction where Laagna and Mustakivi tee meet and in front of the Lasnamäe Prisma hypermarket. Located within the densely populated Lasnamäe district, the new drive-thru KFC will have capacity for up to 500 cars daily.

“We are happy to start cooperation with Capfield, constructing one more world-famous chicken restaurant, the first Drive-Thru KFC in Tallinn and first standalone site in the Baltic countries. KFC has a number of different formats and designs that are suitable for all locations. We strive to work with local communities and businesses to bring some finger lickin’ chicken to towns across the country. Every new KFC brings with it a range of local investments both in jobs and cutting-edge restaurant design plus a commitment to work alongside local partners to make a real difference in every community and town.” Mauri Dorbek, Board member, Apollo group.

“Developing this project for KFC to open their first drive-thru in Tallinn is a proud moment for us at Capfield. This is an excellent addition to the Lasnamäe retail district. Quick service restaurants have always performed well in our centres and KFC is a brand that our customers have consistently asked for.” Ruben Gornischeff, Board Member, Capfield.

Capfield continues to expand and improve the Lasnamäe retail district. Over the last ten years Capfield have built the large Bauhaus store, Lasnamäe Prisma hypermarket and 2 years ago the Prisma extension which allowed for more retail and leisure such as Petcity and modern sports club Lemon Gym as well as continually improving the tenant mix at Lasnamae Centrum with Pepco, Takko and Flying Tiger and soon Deichmann.