December 17, 2020


The first KFC drive-thru restaurant in Tallinn is now open and, for the first month, operating hours will be from 10a.m. to 10p.m and thereafter the drive-thru will be open 24/7. Located near the intersection of Laagna and Mustakivi tee in front of Lasnamäe Prisma hypermarket, the new KFC drive-thru is expected to serve up to 500 cars a day.

“We are pleased to announce that in cooperation with Capfield, the first KFC drive-thru restaurant in Tallinn for one of the world’s most famous chicken restaurants has been completed. Not only that, it is also the first stand alone KFC drive-thru restaurant in the Baltics, the opening of which was eagerly awaited by customers. We try to work with local communities and businesses to bring delicious chicken food to cities across the country. Each new KFC brings a wealth of local investment in both jobs as well as high level design restaurants and promises to work with local partners to make the community and the city even more special.” Mauri Dorbek, CEO of the Apollo Group.

“We are sincerely proud to bring this KFC drive -thru to the Lasnamäe retail area. Fast food chain restaurants have always done well in our centers and KFC is a brand that our customers have been constantly asking for.” Ruben Gornischeff, Member of the Board of Capfield.