April 17, 2024

Lasnamäe Centrum underwent renovation

The renovation works of Lasnamäe Centrum, the largest shopping center in Lasnamäe, came to an end, and the center got a new and tall glass main entrance, above which rises the largest LED screen with a three-dimensional effect in Tallinn and unique in Estonia.

During the renovation, the general areas of the center got a new look, technical systems and lighting were replaced, the interior and architecture were modernized both inside and outside. The facades of the stores got a modern look, and the recreation areas were also updated. Additional skylights were installed in the center to allow natural light to enter the space.

The center became brighter thanks to the new glass main entrance, which is now spacious and tall. A safe, car-free and cozy area with a canopy has been created in front of the entrance. Part of the building’s facade is covered with dolomite. The LED screen installed above the entrance allows you to display three-dimensional videos. The screen is 23 meters wide and 10 meters high, and its image consists of more than 6 million individual pixels.

A green wall with real plants, among which you can also find strawberry plants, has also appeared in the lobby of the center as a nice design element. Although there is no vacant rental space in Lasnamäe Centrum, during the renovation, the temporary entrance will become a candy store for sweets.

“Since Lasnamäe Centrum is the heart of Lasnamäe, which in addition to offering goods and services also fulfills a social and societal function, we have also planned year-round events for the whole family both inside the center and in the open air in front of the center,” said Teana Baškirtseva, manager of Lasnamäe Centrum.

On the occasion of the opening of the main entrance, visitors to Lasnamäe Centrum will have a photo wall in the lobby of the center on April 17, where every guest can take pictures. In addition, starting at noon, guests will be treated to taste experiences from various producers, cheese and fruit from Rimi in front of Lasnamäe’s largest Rimi hypermarket.

Next to the center, the “Circus of the Future” awaits guests, where all kinds of animals and even fish are represented in the arena as holograms. The circus can be visited until April 28, and this week there will also be a raffle for circus tickets among Lasnamäe Centrum visitors. From April 26 to May 12, the Tivoli amusement park will be open next to the center, and on June 1, the Children’s Protection Day celebration is planned.
“In cooperation with Südameapteek, we are organizing a series of health-related lectures in the renovated and cozy recreation area of the center, where we will talk about both diabetes and spring allergies. In addition, our center is dog-friendly, and in the 700-space parking area of Lasnamäe Centrum, parking is free for everyone and there is no need to use a parking meter,” added Teana Baškirtseva.