December 20, 2022

Jaanus Mugu named new CEO of Capfield

Capfield, has named Jaanus Mugu as the new CEO and Estonian regional manager. Mugu takes office today.

“Whilst the last couple of years have presented many challenges in retail, and is likely to continue to do so, the Capfield team have been able to confront them head on and maintain strong performances in their centres resulting in 0% vacancy rates. This is testament to the great locations of the assets as well as the hard work of the team which I am now proud to head up.” said Jaanus Mugu.
Jaanus Mugu has experience in both the public and private sectors, and he has 25 years of organizational management experience. He has been active in the service, retail trade, sales and marketing sectors, and for the last 20 years in the real estate sector in the construction and management of private and commercial real estate, as well as in the business of renting and selling commercial real estate.
“We are extremely happy that Jaanus joined us and started leading our successful Capfield team. As the retail real estate market develops rapidly, we are confident that Jaanus will lead our company successfully,” said Colin Griffiths on behalf of Capfield’s owners