May 16, 2024


Capfield is developing a flagship restaurant building in Lasnamäe for popular restaurant chain Armudu. The construction will begin this year on the premises of the Lasnamae Prisma Shopping centre car park. This will be Armudu’s largest restaurant offering Azerbaijani cuisine.

“One of the strategic directions of our company is the development of commercial real estate for single tenants. The development of this Armudu restaurant is an ideal combination that allows both us as developers and the restaurant as a service provider to grow and expand our mutual business,” commented Reimo Simsalu, Real Estate Business Development Manager, Capfield.

“We are a very loved restaurant by the residents here in Lasnamäe but unfortunately we cannot accommodate everyone in the current premises. We will soon get our new, two-storey building, which will allow us to serve more than 200 people at the same time,” explained Serafima Gulak, Armudu restaurant chain manager. “We know how to work with large volumes, and the new flagship restaurant can accommodate tables and a terrace for smaller groups as well as larger banquet halls where you can hold weddings and birthdays with dances and live music.”

The construction contract has been won by REME Grupp and GRIK construction. The restaurant will be 700 square meters and will  be easily visible from Laagna road. According to Simsalu, „Armudu’s new restaurant building will definitely be the most eye-catching and modern in the Lasnamäe area.“

Restoran Armudu celebrates its 10th birthday in May, and the chain operates in Tallinn with six restaurants in Peetri, Kristiine, Pirita, Haabersti, Lasnamäe and Kesklinna.