October 1, 2020


NIKE OUTLET has started construction works on its new store at Lasnamäe Centrum. Scheduled to open before Christmas this year, this will be NIKE OUTLET’s second store in Estonia. The NIKE OUTLET store will offer visitors a great range of their products at competitive prices.

“NIKE is the world’s leading brand of sports and leisure goods and one of the most important areas of our business is retail where we make real contact with the end consumer. Outlet stores play a very important role in this structure, offering shoppers a good selection of NIKE products on more favorable terms. The Lasnamäe NIKE OUTLET will be our 5th outlet store in the Baltics, and we believe that, just like the existing stores, this one will also be a success.” Rainer Tops, Board Member, NIKE.

The new NIKE OUTLET store will complete what has been a big year of high-level store openings for Lasnamäe Centrum which has, this year alone, opened DEICHMANN, BURGER KING and MYSUSHI at the centre. “Bringing a well-known international brand like NIKE OUTLET to Lasnamäe Centrum is a valuable addition to our Centre. Our long-term agenda for Lasnamäe Centrum has always been to maintain its unique position as the local, convenient centre servicing the people of Lasnamäe and around whilst also elevating the level of retail with popular, international brands.” Ruben Gornischeff, Board Member, Capfield.

“We are confident that NIKE OUTLET will be a very popular store at Lasnamäe as it has wide-spread appeal amongst the young, the price and fashion-conscious, families and crucially our Lasnamäe customers. It is also a store that offers goods you can only find in-store as opposed to online.” Olga Allik, Centre Manager, Capfield.