February 18, 2019


10:00 am, 18th February 2019, Tallinn, Estonia: Nautica shopping centre today opened the educational and interactive ‘Kids on the Moon’ exhibition. Children will get to visit the Moon, discover the wonder and beauty of travelling in Space and feel what it would be like to be an astronaut in a space suit. The ‘Kids on the Moon’ exhibition is the brainchild of the Portuguese company, IdeiaBiba, which created its content in cooperation with the European Space Agency. While this exhibition has visited almost forty countries, this is the first time it has ever landed in Estonia.

“We are thrilled to bring the ‘Kids on the Moon’ exhibition to Nautica, creating completely new experiences for families and shoppers. At our centres we strive to create innovative, fun experiences. It will be fifty years since the first human stepped foot on the Moon and at the ‘Kids on the Moon’ exhibition, children will get an idea of what Neil Armstrong felt when he took that first step for mankind.” Olga Allik, Centre Manager, Capfield.

The ‘Kids on the Moon’ exhibition consists of three areas: the Earth, the Moon and Space. Children will be able to visit the Earth and Moon modules, take a look around the solar system exhibition and see with their own eyes original photographs of the most important space missions, complete with signatures of world-famous astronauts. A model of an International Space Station rover with other models of fourteen space vehicles, from those of the Apollo programme to the latest NASA and ESA equipment, can also been examined in detail. Visitors to the exhibition will also be able to study a copy of Neil Armstrong’s own space suit from the legendary Apollo programme; the one he wore when he took humanity’s first ever steps on the Moon. Children will be able to have their space experience captured on the photo wall, which is entitled ‘Me on the Moon’. All of our tiny astronauts will be awarded certificates following their space journeys.

In addition, visitors to the ‘Kids on the Moon’ exhibition can enjoy some great discounts from some of the retailers at Nautica shopping centre such as the special edition astronomy reality game at Futuruum for half price for 15 minutes or the 20% off at WePlay and EUR 1.50 off all milkshakes at BBQ Restaurant.

The exhibition is open from Monday 18th February to Sunday 10th March. On 18th February, Oliver from the TV show ‘Väikesed Hiiglased’ will be visiting the exhibition. A forty-five minute tour of the exhibition begins on the hour every hour in the atrium at Nautica shopping centre between 10.00 am and 7.00 pm. The exhibition area can be visited free of charge. Taking part in the tour and visiting the modules costs three euros. Discounts will be available for kindergarten and school groups. The exhibition is primarily intended for children aged 5-12. We encourage you to make advance bookings through due to the popularity of the exhibition.

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