May 29, 2017


The extension works of Lasnamäe Prisma start in May 2017 and the centre will open its doors with a brand new facade to the customers next spring (spring 2018) with a net area of 5600 square meters.

Premium Trade OÜ a subsidiary of Capfield OÜ has signed the construction contract with Maru Ehitus AS building company. Maru Ehitus will be focusing on the extension of the centre, the outdoor facilities and the development of the parking project.

The main idea of the extension of Lasnamäe Prisma is to increase the variety of goods and service, to make the shopping centre more appealing for the customer.

“Prisma is the best store for the families who want to buy the wide selection of goods with good quality and reasonable prices,” said Mika Ylinen, the development manager of Prisma Peremarket.

Besides the food store the upgraded centre will provide more narrow/explicit service to the client, such as: sports nutrition store and Lemon Gym club, one of the 24 sport clubs in Baltics.

”We are very happy to cooperate with Capfield OÜ and open the very first Lemon Gym in Tallinn in Lasnamäe Prisma” said Harry Liipa, the manager of Lemon Gym and Artic Sport Club gyms in Estonia. “I am certain that such a strong group of tenants complimented by the pristine location of the centre is a winning combination.” added Liipa.

“Lemon Gym is a chain of fitness clubs that follows a low-cost high-value gym concept and has gained great popularity in Latvia and Lithuania. The spacious, over 1100m2 club in Lasnamäe Prisma will offer very comfortable workout possibilities and will be filled with premium sports equipment. This will be the first Lemon Gym in Tallinn but definitely not the last. We are planning to open many more in the near future” explained Liipa. Lemon Gym belongs to the biggest sports club operator in the Baltics – Impuls Group.

There will also be a big pet centre, Petcity with an area of 1350 square meters which provides all kind of services for domestic animals, such as: pet shop, grooming, medical care, and hotel. Pet city is well known among the pet owners in Estonia, as it offers all needed services for the “little fellows”. Also Petcity will organize a puppy school (school for puppies) and educational events for children.